Creamy Sweet Potato Boats


  • 4 large sweet potatoes & 2 small sweet potatoes
  • 1 large onion (or two small ones – red or white)
  • 1 cup jalapenos (jalapenos from a jar are best here)
  • 1 cup & a tbsp. coconut cream (the top layer of a decent quality can of coconut milk)
  • ½ cup of brown sugar (obviously true paleo would use maple syrup, honey or coconut sugar)
  • 8 slices of bacon


  1. Put the sweet potatoes in the oven at 175 C for 45 minutes.
  2. Fry the bacon until crisp.  Chop it up into small pieces and put to one side.
  3. Dice the onion.
  4. Dice the jalapenos (I blend them for 15 seconds).
  5. In a large bowl mix the bacon, onion, jalapenos, coconut cream and brown sugar together.
  6. When the potatoes have cooked remove them from the oven. Scoop out the flesh of the small potatoes and add into the bowl. Discard the skin. With the remaining potatoes cut them in half (length ways) and scoop out 80% of the flesh from the middle, leaving sturdy “boats”. Add the flesh to the bowl and place the boats in a baking dish.
  7. Mix all of the ingredients together in the bowl until well combined.
  8. Spoon the mixture into the boats and place back in the oven for 15 minutes.

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